A campsite with a restaurant – a winning combination

The combination of a campsite with glamping lodges and a restaurant has proven to be a very lucrative one. Enterprising campsite owners can offer a breakfast service, lunch, drinks, snacks, and dinner for guests who can’t be bothered to cook – it’s convenient for holidaymakers and provides extra revenue for the owners. So, if you’re thinking about adding a restaurant to your campsite, here are some ideas.

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Photo by Jay Wennington - restaurant
Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Guests are looking for a great experience

Consumers are searching for meaningful holiday experiences that they will remember for years to come. Part of that experience includes great food and wine. Across Europe and the US, consumers are eating out more than ever – and are also willing to pay more for it. If you provide luxurious camping then consider offering guests the full package – a range of great food onsite. And to complete the experience you can use glamping tents as a restaurant space. Contact us for the possibilities.

Providing quality

People are more interested in food than ever before and want great quality. Millennials – people aged from their early 20s to their mid-30s – are spending more money on food and going out to eat than any other generation. They want to try new things and experience food from different countries and regions; they value local foods and they enjoy eating communally. So, don’t just offer some heated-up frozen pizzas. Be as adventurous as your guests!

A personal approach

Consumers around the globe want the companies that they interact with, to provide a personal touch and that is particularly true of the travel industry. Make the most of opportunities to talk to your guests, find out a little about them, their likes and dislikes, recommend a dish or a drink that you think they may like and maybe offer them a discount in the restaurant or a welcome drink on the house.

Make it family-friendly

If you are targeting families then you need to think of all their needs. Make sure you offer special children’s menus or maybe think about providing picnics if your guests are going off for the day. Can you provide a soft play area or playground near your restaurant, so that parents can keep an eye on their kids while they dine? Or could you provide a children’s entertainer? Happy kids, means happy parents!

Make sure you have sustainable options on your menu

Sustainability is a growing trend and is something that consumers actively seek out. Use well-chosen seasonal produce from local suppliers, promote local cheese and wine, and bread from local bakers, and if there is a great cook available nearby, why not offer a cookery course on regional specialties? And don’t forget to put vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu, to attract as wide a group of guests as possible.

Create a French-style Table d’Hôte experience

A Table d’Hôte is typically French and is organized by the owner of a Bed & Breakfast or glamping site. It provides a three-course dinner from a limited menu and is usually created with local produce. You don’t need a restaurant on-site but use your own kitchen to cook for your guests at a set time. It saves guests having to think about cooking their own dinner and keeps them on your site – and it’s a way for everyone to get together for a sociable evening.

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