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Unique and adventurous design

Would you like a real eye-catcher for your resort, hotel or holiday park? Then the Aurora is your kind of lodge! This luxury lodge stands out because of its unique design, two spacious bedrooms with walk-in closets and en-suite bathrooms. The covered veranda and the spacious living area create a unique outdoor experience.

The Aurora is an extraordinary glamping accommodation for guests who seek a memorable experience in nature. The Aurora canvas lodge is our most stylish four-person accommodation. It is perfectly suited for families and friends who wish to enjoy the outdoors together in luxury.

Thanks to our modular system, you have the maximum freedom to design the Aurora to suit your personal style. Choose from a wide range of wooden, glass or canvas walls and doors to create a lodge with a unique character. In collaboration with our interior stylist and partner TKI, you can create a custom-designed kitchen in the style you desire. Optionally, you can choose a hardwood floor.

This lodge can also be equipped with air conditioning and/or a pellet stove to offer your guests some extra comfort. Use the space around the lodge to install a sauna, private swimming pool or barbecue area and place a swing set on the veranda for your guests to fully unwind.

Our adventurous Aurora is available as standard edition, but also as a 365 and an Oriental edition. The Aurora 365 edition features a larger indoor area to provide year-round glamping experiences and cozy evenings spent inside. Or you can opt for the Aurora Oriental edition with extended outdoor areas if your guests are looking for the ultimate outdoor living experience. It offers a private suite with divine luxury, as a perfect addition to your resort and existing amenities.

The Aurora takes glamping to the next level wit hall the comforts of home.


  • Inner tent dimension: 70.1 m²
  • Veranda: 32.7 m²
  • Total floor area: 102.8 m²
  • Footprint: 17 x 20.5 m (348.5 m²)
  • Guests: 4
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathroom: Yes (2 en-suite bathrooms)
  • Kitchen: Optional
More information
  • Footprint: 3751.10 ft²
  • Total surface: 1106,40 ft²
  • Inner tent: 754.8 ft²
  • Includes a 351.7 ft² veranda
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
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