Gladventure and Wilfried Baeten to start joint venture Ray Tensile Design

The Eindhoven design agency focuses on the innovative design and production of tensile structures

Eindhoven, 4 December 2019 – Ray Tensile Design (RAY) opens today. The Eindhoven design studio, taking over the Black Sheep Productions client portfolio, specializes in the design and production of innovative tensile structures, which include luxury glamping and restaurant tents, shades and stage structures. The RAY designs and creations are found at leading European festivals and at numerous holiday and leisure parks.

RAY is a joint venture by entrepreneur and tensile structure designer Wilfried Baeten and the investment company Gladventure, owner of glamping specialist LuxeTenten. “It is our ambition to become a global leading player in the innovative tensile structures market”, says Sandra Wolters, Managing Director of RAY Tensile Design. “With Wilfried’s expertise – who will become RAY’s fulltime Art Director – and Gladventure’s strength, we strive to grow into a prominent international production and design agency in the coming years.”

Innovation partner
RAY develops and designs tensile structures for large events and festivals. As a part of the cooperation with Gladventure, the Eindhoven design agency will additionally provide the design and production of three new glamping structures for LuxeTenten. At Salon SETT in Montpellier the first luxury safari tent that came from this cooperation was presented; the Gotland. “This concerns a new range of products, in addition to our current range of safari tents”, says Ivo van der Vlis, CEO and co-owner of LuxeTenten. “In RAY we found the perfect innovation partner. The tensile structure market is developing rapidly. Both in tourism and at events, furnishing and experience become increasingly important. The use of natural and artisanal materials combined with highly advanced fabrics allow RAY to develop sustainable designs. Because of this we are able to keep innovating and surprising the glamping market.”

An own identity
Art Director Wilfried Baeten carries the entire Black Sheep Productions client portfolio over to RAY. “This however does not mean that RAY is the continuation of an existing agency under a new name”, Van Baeten explains. “RAY is a new and fresh design agency with its own brand identity and a serious ambition to grow. Our look and feel is highly distinguishing. And so it should be; only with new and unexpected designs are we able to keep surprising and amazing our clients (and the market).” Wolters: “Wilfried combines his creativity with the practise of technical drawing, which results in a unique creative concept. It is our goal to have as many clients, day trippers, holiday makers and festival visitors as possible enjoy this in the future.”

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