YALA introduces infrared heating for glamping lodges

Campsite owners can extend the rental season with infrared underfloor heating or heating covers.

Emmeloord, 12 October 2021 – Glamping tent manufacturer YALA luxury canvas lodges is the first to launch infrared underfloor heating and ceiling-mounted heating covers for glamping tents. The infrared heating solutions have been developed in collaboration with heating expert Valentijn Verbeek from Far Creek Solutions. Infrared heating allows for a safer and more efficient heating solution both for guests and glamping site owners. 

Infrared heating heats by radiation and heats objects and surfaces rather than the air, making it more efficient. Infrared is a proven heating technology that heats evenly, requires less electricity and is maintenance-free. YALA is the first to implement this technology in glamping tents.’ Valentijn Verbeek, owner of Far Creek Solutions.

Heating solutions to extend the season

Campsite owners across the world seek ways to extend the glamping season. One way of doing this is to provide a more comfortable stay on colder days. Currently, glamping tents are heated with pellet stoves and electrical heaters. Infrared is the latest heating solution in glamping tents. It generates instant heat and is a safe option, as the temperature of the heating elements never exceeds 40°C. This technology has undergone extensive tests in an electrical inspection.

YALA visual extend the season with infrared underfloor heatingInfrared underfloor heating

‘At YALA, we have chosen to develop infrared technology for use in our glamping tents due to its space-saving properties. The heating solution is safe, efficient and easy to operate,’ said Lineke Koomen, Project Manager at YALA. YALA’s infrared heating covers can be mounted to the ceilings of existing and new glamping tents; the underfloor heating is only available for new orders.

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YALA infrared heating covers for glamping lodgesInfrared heating covers

About YALA luxury canvas lodges

YALA luxury canvas lodges is the world’s leading glamping expert. The company started manufacturing glamping tents in 2009. Today, they offer a wide range of canvas lodges for every segment. The company focuses on continuous developments to consistently improve the quality of its products. YALA finds new ways to extend the season to provide the best glamping experiences all year round.

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