Vacansie: Dealership for Egypt and Jordan

At YALA luxury canvas lodges we design, manufacture and install safari tents and canvas lodges for the luxury camping industry and up-market resorts. Our key customers are developers and owners of campsites, adventure retreats and luxury resorts. Since the inception of the company 11 years ago, YALA has gained worldwide recognition as a pioneer in ‘Glamping’. With our headquarters in the Netherlands, YALA is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer with sales exceeding 6,700 canvas lodges in more than 50 countries.

Global focus
Since May 2019, YALA boasts new owners who have invested a lot of energy in the company’s ambition towards global leadership. Given this ambition, YALA luxury canvas lodges is now looking for a long-term dealership for the following regions:
• Egypt
• Jordan

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Role and responsibilities
The dealership must be an independently empowered company with a competent team, a strong organisation and a broad network in tourism or adjacent industries. In the region, the dealership will develop sales and marketing activities in the luxury camping market, following the YALA luxury canvas lodges brand guidelines. The dealership will focus on business development and will prioritise its other business activities accordingly. The dealership will be in regular contact with YALA’s Head Office in the Netherlands for the exchange of market information, forecasts and target setting. It is a prerequisite that the dealership has sales, marketing, operations and logistics personnel in-house. The dealership must have a construction team and be willing to invest in a local showroom.

Commitment from YALA luxury canvas lodges
YALA offers a long-term dealership contract, focusing on partnership and positive results for its dealership. We will help you set up your organisation, train your staff, bring in leads through the YALA website and support trade shows to develop your business. We offer our products to the dealership at favourable purchase prices, providing an appropriate margin in relation to our recommended retail prices. A dedicated YALA sales manager will advise and support the dealership in every step of the customer journey. YALA will continuously innovate and develop products to achieve its ambition of global market leadership.

Are you a dealer with a passion for luxury camping and does your team have the skills to market and sell our products in the best possible way? Then don’t hesitate to send us your company and personal profile. We promise it will be worth your while and we will contact you within 48 hours!


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