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Are you curious about how glamping can contribute to the success of your campsite? Perhaps you have noticed that the demand for glamping accommodations is increasing. There is a reason for this surge; glamping combines the freedom of staying outdoors with the comforts of home. British holidaymakers appreciate these two factors precisely, along with added privacy compared to traditional camping. Many large campsites have already engaged in glamping and have expanded their selection. Smaller campsites are also adding luxury glamping tents to their sites to diversify their range, increase sales and extend their rental seasons. In this blog, you will read more about the different types of safari tents, the perfect entry-level lodge, and how to elevate your campsite to true glamping.

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Sunshine glamping tent

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What are the types of glamping tents?

Due to the growing popularity of glamping, the number of different glamping tents is increasing. One of the main differences between the safari tents is whether they have a private bathroom or not. The more basic glamping tents, such as the adventurous Bell Tent and the cosy Sparkle, do not include bathrooms. For example, the Shimmer and Comet, the next step up, can be equipped with a compact shower room and toilet. These tents are ideal for short stays. Families and groups prefer more space; the popular Sunshine and Dreamer are the preferred lodges then. Are your guests looking for the luxury they would generally expect in a hotel? Our Stardust Hotel Suite is the perfect alternative. This glamping lodge boasts luxury facilities, such as a private bathroom and separate toilet, alongside a spacious living area. The front of the tent can be fully opened to create the ultimate outdoor experience.

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Stardust family lodge, Vawidi Glamping in Italy

What is the ideal entry-level glamping tent?

Would you like to offer your guests a little more comfort than at regular campground pitches? Our Comet is the perfect first step into glamping. This compact safari tent fits most traditional camping pitches due to its small footprint while offering more comfort and a glamping experience. Moreover, the Comet is available with two layouts, one with and one without a bathroom, allowing you to choose the tent that is the best match for your guests.

Our glamping tents are designed to have a payback period of about 2 to 2.5 years. For our Comet, this amounts to a selling price of approximately € 14,000, depending on transport and installation. Our customers rent out this comfortable tent in the high-season for € 700 per week. This investment is recouped within two years, considering a ten-week summer season.

YALA_Comet_Front_Side_view_expand campsite glamping tents
Comet glamping tent

What is the next step when I already own a few glamping tents?

If your campsite already offers glamping accommodations and you would like to expand this further, it is wise to look for additional needs and wants of your guests. Are they just looking for more of the same? Then the best step forward is to buy more glamping tents similar to the ones you have. Would your guests like a different experience, or would you like to reach a new audience? Then it’s a good thing to look for glamping lodges that add to your existing offerings. If you currently only have safari tents without bathrooms, opt for glamping lodges with a bathroom. Our Stardust Hotel Suite provides the perfect solution to compete with hotels when you want to offer ultimate luxury and comfort. It is our most luxurious glamping lodge for two guests. It provides the comfort of a hotel stay with the outdoor experience of camping. By acting on the needs of your guests and developments in the market, you’ll successfully expand your campsite with versatile glamping tents.

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