Interior design of safari and glamping tents

Your guests seek the ultimate holiday experience. At YALA luxury canvas lodges, we translate that request into safari tents featuring a comfortable and stylish interior. We put as much effort into designing the interior as the exterior. This is how our stylish interior line was created that perfectly suits your safari tents. Offer your guests the ultimate luxury camping experience by choosing our popular Raw interior.

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YALA interior for safari tents

Raw interior style

Are you looking for a flexible interior style that suits your glamping site? Raw combines robust wood with clean industrial elements for a bold look with a contemporary touch. The neutral-colored wood perfectly harmonizes with the exterior of our luxury canvas safari tents. The robust furniture in combination with the round wooden frames emphasize the solid construction and unique character of our canvas lodges.

YALA safari tent interior kitchen

The Raw furniture range is made from solid spruce wood that has been stained for a luxurious oak-look finish. The wood therefore complements the look and feel of your safari tents. You will create a tranquil and relaxing ambiance with this interior style for your canvas lodges. The use of solid wood makes these furniture pieces suitable for use at your campsite. They are durable and can withstand rough handling; minor damage can easily be polished with some sandpaper.

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  • Robust
  • Timeless


Why choose glamping tents with interior?

YALA furnished safari tents

It’s all in the details! Guests love glamping accommodations that are fully furnished. A furnished safari tent contributes to a relaxing stay and a homely feel, providing your guests with added comfort. For this reason, we offer a complete interior line at YALA. Create the ideal accommodation for your guests with our furnished glamping tents.

The Raw interior style offers complete furnishing of the highest possible quality. Our interior specialist has deliberately chosen the individual pieces for this interior line, ensuring that it forms a complete ensemble. Raw is designed with our canvas lodges and your glamping site in mind.

Matching interior enhances the experience

Interior and styling are an addition to the experience and ambiance at your glamping site. Our Raw interior style is a wonderful starting point to add your own flair to make it unique for your site. This interior highlights the robust elements of the glamping lodges, reinforcing an adventurous glamping experience. You can create a relaxing ambiance by choosing soothing colors in combination with the natural wooden frames, while bright terracotta as an accessory can completely change the look and feel. The right styling will transform our Raw interior style into your dream interior!

YALA safari tent interior bar

Matching interiors will complete your glamping accommodations and enhances the guest’s experience. Apart from paying attention to the interior, you can do more to create the perfect ambiance at your glamping site. Would you like to know more? Read our blog with 5 tips!

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