Five tips for higher occupancy

Whether you have run your campsite for years or you are just starting out, getting the maximum number of guests is crucial. So, if you’re fully booked in the summer holidays, but there are empty weeks looming in the diary, here are five tips to boost your occupancy all year round.

1. Track your occupancy rate on a weekly basis
Measuring is knowing, so keep track of your occupancy rates every week and analyse the data. Whilst your occupancy rate is likely to be highest in the summer, are there weeks when it dipped, or worse, when guests were few and far between? These are insights you can work with and can help you plan for the year ahead.

2. Forward planning
Having identified the weeks with low occupancy rates, you can use this information to your advantage and work with it. Do you need more guests in the spring? Then introduce some special offers during this period. Give your website and social media channels some extra attention and focus on the deals you’re offering. Consider some offline promotion too. Not all potential guests use social media, so think of advertising in magazines such as ACSI for camping enthusiasts.

3. Increase your range
As well as social media and advertising, can you involve external parties, that you may be are associated with? Talk to them about the possibilities. Do they have a special promotions page on their website where they can showcase your campsite or could they feature a blog about your destination? Consider inviting travel journalists or social media influencers to stay at your campsite in return for some publicity.

4. Make sure you stand out
What makes your campsite different from all the others? Maybe you are close to a big city, have sea views, or are in an area of outstanding natural beauty? Do you offer professional massages or other treatments? Or do you have special facilities for children? These are things that will engage potential guests. Find your own unique selling points and make them stand out on your website.

5. Know what your guests want
Distinctive character is one thing, but as a campsite owner you have to move with the times. Guests increasingly want luxury – they want to camp, but with all the comforts of home. By adding glamping tents to your site, you will see your occupancy rate go up and you will attract a wider audience. And you need to make it easy for them – your booking system should be fast, efficient and always up to date. If someone makes an enquiry, respond immediately, or they may simply go elsewhere.

Do you want to add glamping tents to your site or you’re curious to know more about the costs and options? Feel free to contact us!

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