5 tips to create the perfect ambience at your glamping site!

Developing a successful glamping site is not only about choosing the right accommodation and the right construction. Your guests are looking for a unique experience; therefore it is essential to create the perfect ambience at your glamping! But how do you create the ambience your guests are looking for? We have put together 5 tips to help you do just that. From layout to color to service, continue reading and discover the best ways to create the ambience that suits your requirements.

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Tip 1. Consider the layout

Have you figured out your concept and taken a look at our versatile glamping tents? Then, it’s time to think about the spacing of the glamping tents at your site and we’d love to help you out! If you want to encourage interaction between your guests, you can place the tents in a circle facing each other. If your guests are looking for more privacy, you can consider a more scattered arrangement. If you are hosting mostly families and their extended family, grouping several tents together will create a sense of privacy, yet togetherness. Besides choosing the perfect glamping tents and layout to create the right ambience, it is also important to consider what facilities your guests would like. Creating a mood board will help you visualize all aspects of your glamping experience and its ambience.

Styling and luxury are important when it comes to glamping

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Tip 2. Think about the interior

In glamping, interior and exterior are equally important. The extra attention to detail is what distinguishes glamping from camping. The interior of your glamping tents also plays a big part in setting the mood. You can opt for uniform styling to create a serene environment or alternatively you can choose to experiment with different themed lodges for a fun experience. Either way, the interior contributes to the experience and should be tailored to your target audience. You can even choose different styles, so guests can book a different experience each time they visit or repeat guests can book their favourite accommodation again and again. Get inspired by our interior styles or create your own!

Tip 3. Add some color

Color can make all the difference. Our canvas glamping tents with wooden frames are designed to harmonise with nature. Enhance this natural look by choosing neutral colors for your styling. If you are looking for a fun and child-friendly touch, adding a splash of colour is the way to go. Color lets the identity and character of your glamping accommodation shine through. Besides adding colour to the interior of your tents, you can use landscaping to add color outdoors and enhance the ambience with natural elements. Beautiful landscaping invites your guests to explore your site and all it has to offer.

Tip 4. Feature conceptual design elements

To provide a truly complete experience, the design elements of your glamping site should match the ambience you are trying to create. Do you offer adventure glamping? Prove it by adding adventurous design elements. If your guests are mainly families with children, including a water park or large playground is a great addition. You can also take this into consideration when selecting your glamping tents; kids love to sleep in a cabin bed or bunk beds or have a small separate tent for themselves. If you want to create a sense of community, consider adding an event centre, venue or custom structure to host music nights, quizzes, activities and events. Design elements that match the experience take the ambience to a higher level.

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Tip 5. Offer activities and extra services

Organising or promoting activities and services in line with your concept is another way to enhance the experience and shape the overall ambience. By offering daring activities, such as off-road mountain biking or zip lining, you underline an adventurous character. Or enhance the relaxing experience of your glamping retreat with breakfast in bed, massages and yoga classes. If your guests love the outdoors, build some fire pits, host a barbecue workshop or offer a farm-to-table dinner. Find out what your guests want and offer services that meet those needs.

Why is creating the perfect glamping ambience important?

Now you know five ways to improve the ambience of your glamping site, but why go through all this trouble? It’s simple, by creating a distinctive ambience, it’s easier to market your glamping site and target a specific audience. Guests who stay at your site will also be more satisfied with the experience, as it has been created with their needs in mind. As a result, you’ll get rave reviews and more repeat visitors. In addition, your glamping site will stand out from the competition. It’s a win-win situation. In our concept development process we take all these tips into account to give your glamping site the perfect ambience.

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