Consider glamping tents to boost your resort

Luxury camping, or glamping, is taking the world by storm. From Europe to the US, Asia and the Middle East – everyone is jumping on the train to offer luxurious glamping tents. Resort glamping is growing more popular in the high-end market. Holidaymakers are becoming increasingly interested in extraordinary stays in remote locations whilst still enjoying luxurious and sustainable accommodation. More resort owners and operators are picking up on this trend by offering glamping accommodation. Get inspired by the possibilities and advantages of glamping, so you too can surprise your guests with this incredible experience!

YALA luxury canvas lodges at Logos Beach Village

Who are glampers?

The rise of glamping can be partly explained by the emergence of the digital nomad lifestyle. Digital nomads are people who often work freelance in a digital environment, which allows them to travel the world while working. And what better way to do so than staying amidst nature but with all the facilities to still be productive: Wi-Fi; a kitchen; a bathroom; and a comfortable bed. Glamping tents and eco-lodges provide the ultimate solution.


More and more travellers are demanding experiential travel. Many people are fed up with the fast pace of their city-lives and want an escape from that lifestyle. What appeals to many of these guests is a return to nature. Glamping offers the best of both worlds, which makes it a solid investment with great returns. If you invest in glamping tents and eco-lodges, you’ll be able to benefit from this growing demand.

Wellness and eco-consciousness

People long for peace, quiet and the opportunity to unwind. Glamping offers this in a new and more eco-conscious manner. Glamping tents and eco-lodges can be placed close to nature and use fewer resources than conventional travel accommodation options. Canvas lodges extend the possibilities of outdoor spas and nature retreats by adding suitable accommodation that integrates into the environment.

The adventure side of glamping

Luxury camping is not just for relaxing holidays; it also offers opportunities for active holidays amidst nature. With comfortable accommodation to get back to at night, guests can spend the day adventuring and exploring nature. By making your site appeal to hikers, cyclists and nature-lovers, you have a great unique selling point. Your guests will experience the comforts of home when staying in a luxurious safari tent while being as close to nature as possible. Even in remote locations, guests can enjoy the experience of a lifetime with glamping.


YALA Dreamer resort glampingDreamer

Lower costs of glamping

Compared to a traditional hotel or resort, developing a glamping resort requires considerably fewer resources. The upfront development costs are significantly lower compared to fixed hotel developments. They also require lower staffing models. Besides lower construction and operational expenses, there can also be tax and permit benefits if glamping tents are considered temporary structures or campgrounds.


Developing a glamping site or eco-retreat also leaves a small ecological footprint compared to regular resort development. An added benefit is that a glamping resort is easier and quicker to return a profit than a full-blown hotel resort. Developing an entire incredible glamping project can be realised within 12 months. YALA Luxury Canvas Lodges will assist you from the start to the final execution. Contact us to find out more!

Higher margins with glamping

The development of a glamping resort is cheaper and more cost-efficient than a traditional hotel, so margins are higher. Moreover, camping guests are happy to pay more for unique luxury accommodation, which results in a price premium. Our luxury canvas lodges will help you go beyond your guests’ expectations and align with current travel trends. Due to the lower entry costs and the price premium, glamping yields a fantastic return on investment. The investment on glamping sites and eco-retreats can be paid back within two years.

Glamping as an add-on

If you already own a resort, it could still be profitable to expand your resort or hotel with a few glamping tents or eco-lodges. This way, you allow your guests to get a taste of this new way of holidaymaking and it also enables you to diversify your customer base, attract new guests and increase your availability and occupancy with little effort.



Adding glamping tents to your resort is an easy way to increase the number of guests you can host and offer something different. Provide new experiences with our Sunshine and Dreamer lodges and offer five-star luxury with our Stardust, Eclipse, Aurora and Supernova. You can utilize a piece of available land without significant construction work by building glamping tents.


Glamping structures can also be used as common areas, such as for a restaurant, yoga studio or event location. Our Aurora venue offers a flexible layout that can be fully adjusted to your wishes. This way, you can create the perfect addition to your resort and increase your revenue streams.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of glamping for your resort, contact our experienced sales team! They help you find the best glamping tents for your resort.

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