Glamping tents: an excellent opportunity for hotels

Glamping continues to grow as a market that meets the changing needs of holidaymakers in terms of sustainability, experience and luxury. This development also offers great opportunities for hotels. You create more capacity and additional income at lower costs by expanding a hotel with glamping tents. Read on for more benefits and possibilities for your hotel.

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Why your guests choose glamping

Hotel meets glamping. Many destinations in and outside of Europe already demonstrate that glamping offers great opportunities in the luxury segment. Hotels in Australia already offer a glamping overnight stay and in Slovenia there are entire glamping resorts. Guests stay in luxurious safari tents and have access to a spa, wellness centre and other hotel facilities.

For holidaymakers who value sustainability, glamping also offers a surprising alternative to regular hotel stays. The installation of glamping tents is less environmentally damaging and a stay in the outdoors is always more appealing.

YALA_Stardust_luxury_suite_hotel_glamping tents for hotels
Interior Stardust hotel suite

The benefits of glamping for hotels

It is not surprising that an increasing number of hotels choose to expand with glamping accommodations. With a distinctive offering, you reach a much larger target group and the exceptional experience means guests are willing to pay more. Moreover, by investing in glamping tents, you increase capacity and occupancy. You will therefore generate new income with the added advantage of lower costs. The purchase and installation of glamping tents is in fact much cheaper than building a hotel. The many benefits and additional income at lower costs make glamping the perfect match for hotels.

Similar to our other glamping tents, the Stardust 32 hotel suite has an average payback period of 2 years. The investment for a fully furnished tent including interior, transport and installation* is €27,000. You could ask a weekly price of € 1,350 for this luxury glamping lodge. Consequently, with a peak season of 10 weeks, you will have earned back your investment within two years.

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The perfect glamping tents for your hotel

Your guests expect a certain level of luxury and comfort. Our Stardust model is specifically designed with a hotel suite layout to unite the glamping and hotel experience. The spacious layout with luxurious bathroom and large veranda combines the very best a hotel has to offer with the outdoor experience of glamping.

The Stardust is also available in a family edition, which is perfect for families or groups, in addition to the hotel edition. Discover our entire collection of glamping tents and find the perfect match for your hotel.

Glamping is suitable for events

The unique experience gives glamping something magical. It is therefore very suitable for extraordinary events, such as weddings and honeymoons. If guests are organising their wedding at your hotel, booking this extraordinary accommodation is just a small step away. A jacuzzi on the veranda, the right interior and the perfect style will give your guests an amazing experience. We will work with you to create a setting to create unforgettable memories.

If you want to read more about expanding your hotel with glamping tents, please have a look at this article of Hotelier Academy about the market and opportunities. In a nutshell, glamping tents allow you to respond to the needs of holidaymakers, broaden your target group and increase your turnover through higher occupancy rates. Explore our glamping lodges for more inspiration or contact us directly for personal advice.

*Transport and installation costs depend on your location. Please contact us for a customised quotation.

Curious how glamping is an excellent opportunity for hotels?

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