The five most frequently asked questions about glamping tent possibilities

The outdoor feeling with the luxury of home is glamping: luxury camping. Luxury safari lodges are part of today’s camping world, but these popular glamping tents still raise questions. What are the costs involved? Will they remain in place all year round? Will ”glamping” disappear again? How important is sanitation during glamping? Can I decorate my tent? These are the five most frequently asked questions about glamping tent possibilities.

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1. What does a glamping tent cost?

If you want to buy a glamping tent for your campsite, holiday park or resort, the first thing you look at is the cost. If there is a camper or caravan on your site, you only need to mow the grass, after which you can welcome your guests. A glamping tent is an investment, yet it is an investment that will pay itself back in three seasons and will last for many years.

The price of a basic glamping tent starts at € 7,000. Fully equipped safari tents with private sanitary facilities will cost between € 13,000 and € 20,000. There is no simple answer to the price of a glamping tent because YALA has tents of different sizes, layouts and designs and therefore varying prices. We are happy to provide you with a tailor-made quotation. Please contact us for more information.

What is a reasonable rental price to ask from my guests? This depends on which tent you own and on the facilities and location of your site. On average, the rental prices of glamping tents are between € 700 and € 1500 per week, depending on the low or high season. In addition, a guest who rents a glamping tent is often prepared to spend more on luxury and is more likely to order drinks or food items from the on-site restaurant than drive to a supermarket.

YALA_Sunshine_at_campsite_EigenWijze_Netherland_landscape - safari tents and glamping lodges
Glamping tent Sunshine at holiday park EigenWijze (NL)

2. What effect do weather conditions have on glamping tents?

Due to the changing climate, weather conditions are becoming more extreme, so this is an obvious question. At YALA, quality comes first. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, we ensure that the tents can withstand snow, bright sun, and strong winds. Therefore, you can leave a glamping tent in place all year round without any worries.

In the tent, you can truly experience the outdoors. Your guests will always be aware of the weather conditions. Think of the sound of rain on the tent canvas or the cold air when you open the tent. Do your guests keep the tent closed? Then they are seated draught-free and sheltered from the wind even during bad weather.

Is summer almost over, but do you want to extend the season? By installing infrared heating in the glamping tent, your guests will still have a warm stay on cold days. Therefore, you can rent out your tents in the early and late seasons and generate additional income. Infrared heating works via harmless infrared heat rays. As a result, you immediately feel the warmth in the tent, and the walls, floor and furniture are heated evenly. However, there are more ways to heat your tent during cold days. You can also offer your guests more warmth and comfort by installing a pellet stove from Solvos4.

Glamping tent Sunshine

3. Is glamping a hype, or will we continue to experience luxury camping?

The term glamping became truly popular in 2015. Italy and France were the frontrunners in Europe, and the Netherlands followed suit shortly after. The term “glamping” spread like an oil slick throughout Europe, boasting 6,000 luxury tents from YALA. Guests of our glamping tents choose to enjoy the camping feeling while making less effort and experiencing more luxury. Camping with the luxury of home. One with nature, but in a comfortable bed. This demand became even more significant during the corona pandemic, and the market for glamping tents took off. Glamping’s popularity, therefore, remains undiminished.

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4. A glamping tent with sanitary facilities: what are the possibilities?

Walking across a campsite with a roll of toilet paper under your arm is a typical camping experience, yet not the kind of activity your guests expect when they go glamping. A private shower, a private toilet, clean running water, and a private kitchen unit in the tent are luxury options that make your guests’ stay as pleasant as possible and prevent a walk to the toilet building. The glamping tents from YALA are connected to the sewage system and water supply and equipped with all modern comforts.

YALA_Supernova_Bathroom_Glamping_De_Parel_The_Netherlands glamping tent possibilities
Glamping tent bathroom

5. Can I customise my YALA tent?

The short answer: you can! A more detailed explanation: The possibilities are endless, and we would be happy to discuss them with you in person.
Would you like the full glamping experience with the complete YALA package? The YALA furniture from our Raw interior line is carefully selected and fits the ambience of luxury camping. Our durable coated pine wood furniture is designed to last.

Do you have other wishes for the interior? YALA also offers you the possibility of adding your own furniture to our tents. Would you like to reflect the colours of your location in the glamping tent? Reuse furniture from another site? Adjustments to tents are negotiable, and personalisation is within the realm of possibilities.

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