Infrared heating for glamping lodges

Do you want to offer your guests a more comfortable stay, even on colder days? Consider infrared heating to extend the season. Opt for underfloor heating or install ceiling-mounted heating covers to evenly distribute the heat in your glamping tents. Our infrared heating covers can be installed in both new and existing glamping tents. Infrared underfloor heating is only available for new glamping tents. Infrared heating solutions are effective, save space and money, plus they are the safest heating solution available for canvas lodges. Discover the benefits and find the best application for your glamping site!

Add infrared heating technology to our most popular glamping lodges

What is infrared heating?

Infrared heating heats by means of radiation. The tent is heated using harmless infrared heat rays. Guests feel the warmth immediately! The infrared heater also heats the walls, floors and furniture. Infrared heating allows you to heat your glamping tents more evenly, more efficiently and more comfortably.

Infrared underfloor heatingYALA infrared heating covers for glamping tentsInfrared heating covers

The many benefits of infrared heating solutions

YALA extend the glamping season with infrared heating solutions

  • Efficient heating due to heating of surfaces and surroundings instead of air
  • Easy to operate heating technology
  • Ensures maximum living space
  • Reduced usage costs, especially when combined with an automatic off switch
  • Certified solution: guaranteed quality and safety
  • A 20-year lifespan without maintenance after installation
  • More comfortable stay on colder days

Smart investment due to low running costs

Infrared heating ensures lower consumption costs compared to alternative solutions. A 22m2 infrared underfloor heating system consumes 3500 watts per hour. On average this will amount to an average of €0.45 per hour*. Our infrared heating covers consume 250 watts per hour, amounting to an average of €0.04 per cover per hour*.

Would you like to know more about the costs involved in heating your glamping tents? Please contact our sales team to obtain a personal calculation.

*Please note that the costs depend on the electricity costs in your country.

The safest heating solution

Infrared heating is a safe option. The temperature of the heating elements never exceeds 40⁰C. Our infrared heating technology has been extensively tested by means of an electrical inspection. You are therefore buying a certified product.

YALA Infrared underfloor heating materialsInfrared underfloor heating materials

Our alternative heating and insulation techniques

YALA pellet stove to extend the glamping season

Extending the rental season is a top priority for you and other glamping site owners. For this reason, we at YALA are currently developing floor insulation and insulation canvas with double-layered fire-retardant polyester and compressed merino wool. We also offer Solvos4 pellet stoves that heat your glamping tents CO2-neutrally. A pellet stove creates a homely feeling thanks to the dancing flames.

Would you like to know more about our heating and insulation solutions? Ask your sales manager to find the best application for your site or contact us now.

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