YALA's Service and Maintenance Packages

Preserve, Prosper, and Profit

When it comes to tent structures—Maintenance and repair are not just matters of routine upkeep—they are paramount to the lifespan and success of your investment. At YALA, we acknowledge the significance of proper maintenance, and we are dedicated to provide comprehensive Service and Maintenance packages that prioritize the care and preservation of your tent structures.

Maintaining your tent structures is not merely an option; it is an absolute necessity. These structures are exposed to the elements day in and day out, enduring wind, rain, sun, and even the occasional unexpected weather event. Without regular maintenance, wear and tear can take its toll, resulting in structural weaknesses, decreased functionality, and decreased guest satisfaction.

That’s why, at YALA, we emphasize the significance of proactive maintenance and repair. Our Service and Maintenance packages (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) have been designed to address every aspect of tent structure upkeep, ensuring that your investment remains in peak condition for years to come.



YALA’s service & maintenance packages

Bronze Package:

With our Bronze package, we establish a solid foundation for comprehensive maintenance. Our team conducts an annual check to assess the condition of your tent structures, paying close attention to crucial elements such as flooring and zipper functionality. We inspect the tent, frame and roof tension, as well as the sanitary facilities and kitchen. A detailed report is provided for each tent, offering valuable insights into the maintenance performed.

Silver Package:

Building upon the Bronze package, our Silver package elevates the level of care provided to your tent structures. In addition to all the services included in the Bronze package, we offer an in-depth explanation of maintenance procedures by our experienced Technical Department. We inspect and adjust roof ratchets, address minor damages to the canvas and PVC materials, and diligently fill any nooks in the wooden floors. We also take special care on the front of the tent and PVC roof, ensuring proper alignment for optimal performance.

Gold Package:

For those seeking the utmost in maintenance and service, our Gold package provides a comprehensive suite of benefits. Going above and beyond the Bronze and Silver packages, this premium offering extends the warranty by two additional years, includes two breakdown services, and offers a thorough pre-inspection to identify any potential issues. Moreover, we cover the costs of travel, ensuring our skilled technicians can promptly reach your location. The Gold package encompasses an extensive service package and an in-depth inspection, encompassing final connections, meticulous tensioning of the tent, and if necessary meticulous cleaning of mudflaps, and even the application or removal of winter covers.

The importance of investing in YALA’s Service and Maintenance packages should not be underestimated. By entrusting your tent structures to our experienced Maintenance team, you are making a commitment to preserving their integrity and enhancing their lifespan. In doing so, you can achieve not only peace of mind but also higher returns on your investment.








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Business case:

Imagine selecting our Gold package, which guarantees an extension of your tent structures’ lifespan by a minimum of two years. The Gold package carries a cost of 500 EUR per tent per year. Over a decade, this totals 500 EUR x 10 years = 5000 EUR in expenses. However, the additional two years of renting, considering an average weekly rate of 900 EUR, could potentially result in 13 weeks x 900 EUR x 2 years = 23,400 EUR in extra earnings. The decision to invest in the Gold package not only ensures the lifespan of your tent structures but also generates substantial financial benefits.

Choosing YALA as your partner for annual maintenance and service on all types of tent structures is a decision of utmost importance. We pride ourselves on our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering exceptional service. By investing in our Service and Maintenance packages, you can rest assured that your tent structures will be in the best hands, allowing you to focus on providing unforgettable glamping experiences for your guests.

Act Now to Secure Your Investment:

Don’t wait until issues arise or wear and tear becomes noticeable. Act now to secure the lifespan and profitability of your investment. Contact us today to discuss your maintenance needs, explore our Service and Maintenance packages, and take the first step toward a partnership that will optimize the lifespan of your tent structures.

Let YALA be your trusted ally in maintaining the integrity and functionality of your glamping accommodations. Together, we can ensure that your tent structures continue to stand strong, delighting guests for years to come while maximizing your returns on investment.













Preserve, Prosper, and Profit: Ensure the longevity and profitability of your tent structures with YALA’s comprehensive Service and Maintenance packages. Contact us today!