What does a safari tent cost?

Get an idea about safari tent costs and all other possibilities at YALA luxury canvas lodges.

At YALA luxury canvas lodges, we often get asked what a safari tent costs, a simple question with a complex answer. Given the variety of glamping tents with different facilities, there is not one universal safari tent price. We will give you an idea about glamping tent prices by showing you the various options, enabling you to choose the safari tent that best suits your needs. In addition, you will learn more about the materials, constructions and efficiency. After all, we believe it is just as important to know the returns as the safari tent costs!

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Different safari tents, different costs

The simplest safari tent, our Bell Tent, is relatively cheap and perfect for an adventure in the great outdoors. However, without a kitchen or bathroom, this tent is less suitable for guests looking for a luxurious getaway. Choosing the safari tent that appeals to your guests is the most profitable. In order to find the perfect accommodation for your guests, we have divided our glamping tents into four ranges: Classic, Superior, Deluxe and Exclusive.


Sunshine safari tent
Sunshine safari tent


Our Classic safari tents are robust and compact at an entry-level price. They feature one to two bedrooms and some can be equipped with a kitchen and/or bathroom. Our Classic safari tents are perfect for weekend getaways or hikers and cyclists looking for a comfortable base.


  • Low investment, high returns
  • Fits on smaller campground pitches
  • Practical layouts ensure a comfortable stay for your guests


Safari tents from our Superior range offer space and comfort. These lodges have spacious living rooms, two to three bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. It’s the perfect accommodation for families and groups of friends.


  • Spacious and comfortable lodges, perfect for families and groups
  • Multiple layouts
  • Safari tents with bathroom and kitchen


Our Deluxe glamping tents are characterised by their adventurous and unique appearance. Every Deluxe glamping tent offers plenty of space, a luxurious bathroom and a separate toilet. The high standard in comfort makes these lodges appeal to both couples and families seeking luxury and comfort.


  • Designed for guests that are looking for space and comfort
  • Luxurious glamping tents with bathroom and separate toilet
  • Stylish glamping tents give your resort an adventurous look


Our stylish and luxurious Exclusive lodges boast both a spacious living and dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, separate toilet and two or three master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Your guests will enjoy the outdoors with the luxurious experience of a chic hotel.


  • Quality and luxury provide a boutique experience
  • Spacious living area and inviting veranda for lounging
  • Luxurious designer kitchen

Glamping: Return on investment

Our safari tents and glamping tents are made with the highest quality materials to withstand the toughest weather conditions. Even wind gusts of up to 10 Beaufort. Due to the durable materials and long lifespan, our safari tents are a smart investment. In addition, our safari tents require little maintenance, which reduces costs. On average, our glamping tents have a return on investment in one and a half to two and a half seasons.

Safari tent materials

At YALA luxury canvas lodges, we develop our own materials to deliver the highest quality possible. We extensively test all our materials to meet the highest standards. We can deliver a canvas and PVC that is not only fire retardant on a high level (M2, B2, BS7837 and AS/NZS 1530.2-1993), but also completely mould-resistant (mould level 0). Our materials have a colourfastness of 6 (European Grade) for optimal longevity. The high tearing and tensile strength contribute to the long lifespan.

Safari tents with wooden frames

Safari tents and glamping tents from YALA luxury canvas lodges feature sturdy wooden frames. The round beams with a diameter of 80 or 100 mm, provide a robust look and blend in with the surroundings. All connecting pieces are specially made of fully galvanised steel and connect the frame to the floor base as well as to the ground for a safe and solid construction.

Would you like to know more about the price of a safari tent or the ROI of glamping? Our experienced sales managers will gladly tell you more about it. Contact us now!

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