Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about YALA products. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please call or email us and we would be happy to help you!

  • Purchase a canvas lodge

    • Where can I go to see your luxury canvas lodges?

      We have a 2,000m2 showroom, the largest in Europe, at our Head Office in the Netherlands. You will also find some of our luxury canvas lodges on display at several of our dealers and agents, such as in the USA and France. It may also be possible to view our tents at one of our customers’ sites in your area. Please contact your nearest agent or dealer.

    • What is the price of your luxury canvas lodges?

      The price of a canvas lodge depends on the model you choose, the materials, size and furnishings. Please contact us and we will prepare a customised quotation for you.

    • What do I get when I buy a canvas lodge?

      When you purchase a canvas lodge with us, you can either choose to order the canvas lodge only or a fully equipped canvas lodge with shower, kitchen and furniture. Basically, a tent always consists of a wooden frame and floor, a canvas inner tent and a PVC roof. Tents without walls and furnishings can be used very well as space for a restaurant, for organising activities or for furnishing a bathroom or laundry room.

      Construction and transport costs along with any customs charges are always stated separately in the quotation. Any costs relating to the preparation of the land, the installation of a sewage system, water connection and electricity are not included.

    • Do I also receive a design when requesting a quote?

      You will find a 3D drawing of each model along with the floor plan with the standard interior of each specific tent on our website. With every quote, you will receive a custom 2D floor plan so that you get a good idea of the tent’s layout and the possible furnishings before making a decision.

    • What happens after I place an order?

      Our account manager can help you choose the best tent lodge for your needs and provide you with the final order confirmation along with a 2D floor plan. After the agreement is signed, we will immediately start producing your tent, which should be ready for installation after four to six weeks, depending on the transport.

    • Can I rent or lease your luxury canvas lodges?

      It is not possible to rent or lease luxury canvas lodges with us. However, we are in contact with several parties that offer leases. Our account manager will be happy to put you in touch with these services.

    • Do you have luxury canvas lodges in stock?

      We have our standard models of luxury canvas lodges, such as the Comet and Sunshine, and our standard interior furnishings in stock. We can deliver these within four to six weeks if there are no modifications to the design and / or the interior.

    • What is the lifespan of your luxury canvas lodges?

      Our luxury canvas lodges can last a lifetime if they are properly maintained. They are made of high-quality materials and they are manufactured under the best conditions. Every material has been carefully selected and tested by us.

      Specific parts might have to be replaced over time, such as zippers, straps and ratchets, but this is relatively easy to do yourself. Please contact us if you require a replacement part; we would be happy to help you.

      We provide a standard 24-month warranty on all our luxury canvas lodges. This period starts after delivery and if applicable after building the luxury canvas lodges. You can read more about this in our terms and conditions.

    • Do you give a guarantee on the luxury canvas lodges?

      We provide a standard 24-month warranty on all our luxury canvas lodges. You can read more about this in our terms and conditions.

  • Design and options

    • What colours are available?

      The PVC roofs of our standard luxury canvas lodges are available in beige, green and brown. The inner tent canvas is available in white, green, beige and khaki. Visit one of our showrooms or meet us at a fair so that you can see and feel the materials yourself. You can also contact us to ask for a sample.

    • Who designs your luxury canvas lodges?

      We work closely with Ray Tensile Design, who are specialists in the design and production of innovative tent structures, such as luxury glamping and restaurant tents, to design our luxury canvas lodges. We review our range every year, including the addition of several new tent models that are both innovative and in line with current trends and to meet our customers’ needs.

    • Do you also supply custom luxury canvas lodges?

      As with all our models, you have several options to choose from, such as the colour of the tent fabric and the roof, choice of interior, and even the size of the veranda, so you can put together your own unique canvas lodge based on several building blocks.

      There is also the possibility to design a “custom made” canvas lodge. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

    • Is it possible to order a canvas lodge with a fixed door?

      A fixed wooden entrance door may be selected for your canvas lodge. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

      Safari Tent Woody porch

  • Interior

    • Do you always supply the interior of the luxury canvas lodges?

      We prefer to deliver our luxury canvas lodges with the interior installed, which have been specially designed by YALA and manufactured at our furniture factory, therefore, guaranteeing the same look and life span as our luxury canvas lodges. However, you can choose to do the furnishing yourself.

      If you are using our canvas lodge for a restaurant or reception tent, we will supply the canvas lodge with adapted walls and furniture.

    • What interior styles do you offer?

      You can currently choose between two interior styles, which are described as “scaffold wood furniture” or “dark wood furniture”. We will be introducing a third style to our range later this year, which will be announced on our website and social media when it becomes available.

    • Can I order furniture separately?

      It is possible to order your furniture from our interior styles separately and / or after ordering your canvas lodge.

    • Can I assemble the furniture myself?

      It is possible to assemble the furniture from our interior designs yourself with the right tools and some technical insight. We can provide clear construction instructions with each piece of furniture.

  • Laws and regulations

    • Do you need a permit to build a canvas lodge?

      Whether you need a permit to build one or more luxury canvas lodges at your location depends on the country in which you are based. However, please always check with your local authorities first, as there may be municipal, provincial or department laws that also apply.

      We have a large worldwide sales network of dealers and agents to advise on how to navigate these matters. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

    • Does a canvas lodge fall under temporary accommodation?

      In the Netherlands our luxury canvas lodges are not covered by the building regulations. Although the tents have a permanent setup, they are designed as temporary accommodation and therefore the regulations of the Dutch Building Decree do not apply. This is the case in many countries but not all, and therefore we advise you to always enquire with the local authorities about the laws and regulations that will apply in your individual case.

      We have a large worldwide sales network of dealers and agents to advise on how to navigate these matters. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

    • Can the luxury canvas lodges be insured?

      It is possible to insure the tents if certain conditions are met. It is best to ask your own insurance company about what options are available to you.

  • Delivery and transport

    • Where will the luxury canvas lodges be transported from and what are the transport costs?

      Our luxury canvas lodges are produced in Europe and are delivered from our factory in Emmeloord, the Netherlands. We also have a distribution centre in North America and are in the process of setting up another in Asia. Transport costs depend on several factors. In addition to the size and where the shipment is being sent to, there may be additional costs for import duties, taxes and other transport-related costs. We check all these details first, to provide you with a customized transport cost with your quotation.

    • What is the delivery time after confirming the order?

      Once the order has been signed and returned to us and the deposit made, you can expect a delivery time of four to six weeks within Europe for our standard Comet and Sunshine models, as well as for the supply of standard interior fittings.

      However, for the Aurora please allow for a longer manufacturing time of 12 weeks before they are despatched. The erection of these models will be planned in consultation with the customer.

      On average, international orders take approximately 30 – 45 days longer to allow for sea freight.

      Please be aware that the delivery times depend upon several variables, including delays associated with larger orders and deliveries to various countries. Please contact us to obtain a clear indication for your order.

  • Building a canvas lodge

    • Will you visit the building site in advance?

      Whenever it is possible or necessary due to special circumstances (such as certain soil types or gradients), we will carry out a site visit. Together we will look at where the tent or tents can best be placed on the site, what special considerations need to be taken into account and to take measurements.

    • Can you build a canvas lodge on any type of ground or on sites with a large gradient?

      We have been building our luxury canvas lodges all over the world for more than ten years and we have experience with erecting them on many different types of soil and also on steep inclines, so a lot is possible. If you want to know if your location is suitable, please contact us for specialized advice.

    • Is there always a foundation needed to install a tent?

      We make a solid foundation for every tent by anchoring wooden poles into the ground. The exact foundation depends on the type of soil we build on and how flat the land is. The foundation is customized for each site. We install the wooden floor on top of the foundation.

      On request, we can place the floor directly on the ground.

    • Who takes care of the construction of the canvas lodge?

      We have several experienced construction teams worldwide, working in teams of 3 or 4 people. In exceptional cases, it is possible to build the luxury canvas lodges yourself with the help of clear construction drawings that we provide. Building experience, technical insight and good tools are essential. Another option may be for YALA to send a supervisor to your site to guide your construction team.

    • Is it also possible to build the foundation and the subsoil yourself?

      In exceptional cases, it is possible to build the foundation and subsoil yourself, with clear instructions that we provide. Our construction team can then immediately continue to build the luxury canvas lodges on arrival.

    • How long does it take to build a canvas lodge?

      Depending on the type of canvas lodge and any extra options chosen, a team of 4 people need about two days to build and equip a canvas lodge. When installing multiple tents, our teams work in phases. The foundation is laid first, then the team will lay the wooden floors and finally, the tents are set up and furnished.

      For custom made projects, we create a tailor-made plan and then schedule the construction period in consultation with you.

    • Can your luxury canvas lodges be demolished easily?

      It is possible to dismantle the luxury canvas lodges if they are not going to be used for a period, however, we do not recommend doing so. Our luxury canvas lodges can withstand extreme weather influences and leaving them in place can help maximise the life of the tent. In places where the tent is exposed to winter conditions, we advise protecting the tent with a winter cover. If you want to know more about these issues, please contact us.

      The exception to this is our Bell Tent. This tent should be dismantled and stored in a dry environment before the winter or a humid season during which the tent is not used.

    • Do you also install electricity and plumbing?

      We ask our customers to take care of the installation of electricity, water and sewerage with local parties. If there are already some services to the site, our installation team can, if desired, make the connections from the luxury canvas lodges to these facilities. However, we still advise you to contact your local utility suppliers in case there is an emergency and a local installer is required on site.

  • Materials

    • What fabric do you use for the tents?

      The inner tents of our lodges are made of the best quality poly-cotton canvas and polyester from our own canvas program. The fibers of polyester and cotton provide an extremely strong tent cloth that is waterproof and repels dirt and mould. Together with leading industry experts, we have developed three types of canvas: FPTC 420 fire retardant canvas, YK-48 quality canvas and FPTC 700 insulated canvas. Independent tests prove the best quality of these strong and durable materials. In addition, the canvas of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics can be used.

      Our canvas cloths are breathable, water-repellent, and treated against moisture and mould. The YK-48 quality canvas comes out on top in the test with the highest water resistance (500mm), mould resistance (level 0 | AATCC30-2017) and color fastness (>GR6). In consultation, we always look for the best choice for your situation. In addition to your personal preference, this also depends on which standards apply in a country.

      The windows are made of three layers, consisting of a roll-up transparent and weather-resistant PVC, a mesh fabric reinforced with fiberglass and a roll-up canvas cover.

    • What wood is used for the construction of the luxury canvas lodges?

      For orders in Europe and the United States, we use central and northern European pinewood for the foundation and the framing of our luxury canvas lodges. For the frame, you can choose from round wooden poles measuring 80 or 100 mm.

      In Asia, it depends on the specific country where you are building, as to whether we use Douglas-fir or hardwood. Please contact us to discuss our recommendations for your country or region.

      Should it be necessary for a specific country or region, we will have the wood treated with anti-termite treatment. For example, in Australia, we use indigenous wood species that have already been treated against termites.

    • Can you treat the wood with anti-termite spray?

      In consultation with you, we can have the wood treated with anti-termite spray in advance. We have extensive experience in areas such as Australia and Asia and can advise you about this service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    • What are the end connectors of the frame made of?

      To protect the wooden frames, they are fitted with fully galvanized steel end couplings. In addition to strengthening the tough and robust appearance of our tents, it also protects the wooden poles against the weather. With this we create a very strong construction, and we extend the life of our YALA safari tents and glamping lodges.

    • How fireproof are the materials with which the tents are made?

      Our tents are made of materials that are largely flame retardant and are also certified according to European Standard (M2| B2), Australia/New Zealand Standard (1530.2-1993) BS7837-1996 and US Standard (NFPA701). In many countries it is an additional legal requirement to provide a fire extinguisher as equipment of the canvas lodge.

    • Are your tents insulated?

      Together with leading experts from the industry, after a thorough testing phase, we have developed a high-quality insulating canvas for our inner tents: YALA’s FPTC 700. The canvas consists of three different layers, the core of which is made of a hollow polyester fiber with highly insulating properties. Due to the thermal resistance level (R-value) of 4.18 K/W, the canvas can keep out both the heat and the cold, depending on a number of variables. The fire-retardant top layers make our insulation canvas unique. It is the only canvas for glamping tents with a global fire safety rating.

      Combine an FPTC 700 inner tent with an insulated floor for an optimal insulating effect.

      In addition to the options for insulation, we also offer heating solutions to extend the rental season. Choose our infrared heating solutions or heat your glamping tents with the pellet stoves from our partner Solvos4.

      Contact us to be advised about all our options to extend your glamping rental season.

      Please contact us to be advised about all our options to extend your rental season.

  • Environmental and weather influences

    • What snow loads can the luxury canvas lodges withstand?

      Our luxury canvas lodges have been proven to withstand a thick layer of snow. If there is a high chance of snow in your region, we will provide the tent frame with an extra supporting beam so that it can withstand an even greater load of snow. Snow can be removed quite easily along the sides of the smooth roofs of our luxury canvas lodges, which we recommend is done daily during extreme snowfall.

    • Does salty air affect the canvas when luxury canvas lodges are placed near the sea?

      When our tents are placed in locations near the sea, we advise to regularly clean the canvas of the tents and also parts such as zippers, ratchets, windows and wood that are exposed to the air. You can do this by using tap water and/or brushing the parts with a soft brush. This extends the life of the safari tents.

    • Can the luxury canvas lodges withstand heavy rainfall?

      All our luxury canvas lodges can withstand heavy rain because they have a double roof, which are both waterproof. In addition to this, our canvas is water-repellent and even our windows have a unique PVC flap on the outside. This is extra protection to prevent water from entering through the mesh or the seams of the windows.

    • Can the luxury canvas lodges withstand UV rays?

      The materials we use for our luxury canvas lodges are protected against a large amount of UV radiation. PVC is standard equipped with UV blockers to protect the properties of the material and it is therefore very resistant to UV radiation. Our canvas, both Campshield and PolyCotton KA-46, has a colour fastness of ≥ 4 according to ISO 105 B04 and is also very resistant to UV radiation.

    • How can the luxury canvas lodges be heated in winter?

      Our luxury canvas lodges are very suitable for winter glamping. If you also want to rent out your luxury canvas lodges in the colder periods, we recommend heating the tents with either a pellet stove, electric heater, or possibly a central heating system. If you are interested in using a pellet stove, we can provide you with further information. It is important that good ventilation is created through the roof of the canvas lodge. Although the materials of the luxury canvas lodges are fire retardant, we do not recommend the use of open fires because of the high risk of accidents.

      Read more about our solutions to extend the season.

    • How do you keep the luxury canvas lodges cool in the summer?

      In countries where it is often hot for a longer period, an air conditioning unit is usually recommended for installation in our luxury canvas lodges. We advise you to contact a local air conditioning specialist to discuss the possible options.

      We use high-quality canvas materials that have breathing properties. As a result, it does not get damp inside the luxury canvas lodges and it is cooler than inside a mobile home, for example.

    • How can you protect the luxury canvas lodges in winter?

      If you do not use the luxury canvas lodges in winter, you can protect them with a special winter cloth. This will extend the life of your tent but it is certainly not necessary to use.

      For our Bell Tent, you have to break it down before the winter or rainy season in which the tent is not used and store it in a dry room.

  • Maintenance and repair

    • How do you clean the luxury canvas lodges?

      In principle, the canvas of the luxury canvas lodges does not require regular maintenance. If there is a stain on the canvas, clean it with a soft brush or cloth and some tap water. Do not use soap, as this can affect the treatment of the canvas. If there is mud or other dirt on the canvas, wait for it to dry before removing it with a soft brush.

      You can wash the windows with soapy water but make sure that the soap does not get on the canvas.

      Please contact us to receive our extensive “Safety, Care & Maintenance Manual”.

    • How do you disinfect the canvas lodges, especially at the hand contact points?

      Due to the corona virus Covid-19, there is an urgent need for disinfection of tents (i.e. for rental purposes). We received many questions regarding the type of disinfectant that can be used on tent canvas without causing damage on the fabric. Our supplier TenCate outdoor fabrics gives the following advise:

      “We have tested several disinfectants to check the effect of the disinfectants on the fabric. Test results show that disinfectants that contain soap ingredients cannot be used because they affect the functional properties of the canvas.

      Our laboratory also found that using ozone water does not damage TenCate Outdoor Fabrics tent cloth. Ozone water does not have any negative influence on the functional properties, like for example water column.

      We therefore advise to use ozone water for disinfection of TenCate tent fabric. One supplier of stabilized ozone water is Tersano, who offers several products for this in different sizes and apply methods. In addition, Tersano claims that the solution is effective in removing >99.99% of virus within one minute. For more information about the product, please contact Tersano or visit the website”

    • How do you extend the life of your canvas lodge?

      A canvas lodge from YALA does not require much maintenance but to increase the lifespan of your investment, there are a number of tips in our blog that you can apply.

      For detailed instructions, please contact us and we will send you our “Safety, Care & Maintenance Manual”.

    • How do you deal with repairs?

      It is possible that, for example, a zipper or a strap will break. You can often carry out these repairs yourself by following the clear instructions provided.

      Please call us on the rare occasion that something breaks or a hole occurs in the PVC roof or canvas and we will advise how it may be repaired.