Our Commitment to Responsible Tent Structures

At YALA, sustainability is ingrained in everything we do. We are proud to be leader in providing high-quality and sustainable safari lodges and glamping tents that redefine the guest experience. YALA’s commitment to sustainability extends across our operations, from responsible sourcing to eco-friendly practices and continuous improvement. Explore YALA’s comprehensive sustainability policy and discover how YALA is redefining the world of safaritents, glamping lodges, and tent structures through responsible and eco-conscious practices.


Sustainable Policy

YALA’s sustainability policy encompasses four key areas: supplier engagement, product development, installation practices, and transportation. We believe that by addressing each of these areas, YALA can minimise its environmental impact and contribute positively to society.

Supplier Engagement

YALA prioritises partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. YALA’s wood suppliers hold certifications from reputable organisations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), ensuring responsible forest management. By engaging with suppliers who uphold fair labor practices and prioritise eco-friendly manufacturing processes, YALA actively contributes to sustainable supply chain practices.

Product Development

Innovation drives YALA’s efforts to create a sustainable safari lodge and glamping tent. YALA invests in research and development to enhance the eco-friendliness of our products. Through the careful selection of materials, we minimise our environmental footprint and increase the lifespan of our safaritents, glamping lodges, and tent structures. YALA is focusing on recyclable and renewable resources that ensure our safari lodge and glamping tent align with our commitment to sustainability. YALA strives to develop fully circular models, maximizing resource efficiency and minimising waste.

Installation Practices

YALA adheres to strict sustainability protocols during the installation of our safaritents, glamping lodges, and tent structures. YALA’s installation teams follow environmentally friendly practices, minimising disruption to local ecosystems and communities. YALA prioritises responsible waste management, separating and recycling construction waste to reduce our environmental impact. Collaboration with our customers ensures suitable housing for our installation teams and establishes a good labor environment.


YALA complies with energy-saving regulations (EED legislation) and reports on our energy-saving measures. Our forklifts and most of our leased vehicles operate on electricity. YALA separates and recycles waste, with 92% being recycled or used for energy generation. YALA minimises packaging and optimises efficiency when packaging is necessary. We work with our partner to streamline internal processes further, aiming to reduce and reuse waste.

Ongoing Commitment and Continuous Improvement

Sustainability is an ongoing journey for YALA. We continuously review and update our policies and procedures to align with emerging industry standards and best practices. YALA is actively seeking feedback from its stakeholders, incorporating their insights into our sustainability initiatives. Collaboration with industry partners and participation in collaborative initiatives allows us to contribute to the collective effort in driving sustainability within the tent structure industry. At YALA, we invite you to join us on our sustainable safari lodge, glamping tent, and tent structure journey. Together, we can redefine the industry and create remarkable experiences while preserving our planet for future generations.