YALA launches insulated canvas to extend the glamping season

Emmeloord, February 23, 2023 – YALA luxury canvas lodges, a supplier of safari tents and glamping lodges, is the first in the market to launch a unique insulated canvas with a global fire certification. Safari tents with inner tents made of insulated canvas retain heat longer, allowing glamping owners to extend the rental season.

‘For our customers worldwide, extending the rental season is a priority. The longer they can rent out their glamping tents, the higher the occupancy rate and, thus, the turnover. Our new insulated canvas will help with this,’ says Caroline Koekkoek, Commercial Director YALA.

New canvas with a high insulation value
After an extensive test period, YALA developed an insulated canvas with industry experts with a thermal resistance level of 4.18 m2K/W. Marcel Schreiner, Product Developer at YALA, explains: ‘This R-value indicates the thermal insulating capacity of a material layer. It is the thermal resistance of the material. R-values range from 1.5 to 7m2K/W. The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation level and the more heat stays inside the tent.’

YALA’s insulated canvas consists of three layers. The outer and inner layers consist of a fire-retardant canvas, and the middle layer is a hollow polyester fibre. ‘Hollow fibres are used in numerous insulation applications. Think of bedding and pillows. It is a lightweight and breathable fabric that retains heat. But besides retaining heat during hot summer days, it also keeps the heat out and stays cooler inside the tent. So, it works both ways,’ says Schreiner. ‘How hot or cold it stays depends on different conditions. Consider the local weather conditions, the tent’s location, heating solutions, use of air conditioning and the construction of the tent in terms of windows, zippers, the front door, and the floor.’


Extend the season with YALA
Besides insulated canvas, YALA offers various heating options that can extend the season. The pellet stoves and YALA’s infrared heating can be combined with the new canvas for an even more significant effect.

‘At YALA, the focus lies on product development. We feel a responsibility to help our customers run their businesses as successful as possible. Therefore, we are proud to expand our canvas range with the new insulated canvas. Another innovative application to extend the season!” says Caroline Koekkoek.

About YALA luxury canvas lodges
YALA luxury canvas lodges is the expert in glamping tents. Founded in 2009 in The Netherlands, the company supplies a wide range of canvas lodges for every segment through its global sales network. YALA continuously develops its collection to improve quality, extend the rental season and make exceptional glamping experiences possible.

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