How do you increase the profitability of your glamping tent?

Holidaymakers are increasingly opting for more luxurious outdoor holidays closer to home, as well as yearning for comfort under the stars around the globe. According to trend watchers, the popularity of glamping will therefore continue to rise sharply in the coming years. Glamping tents are therefore the ideal accommodation and a smart investment for campsite owners. You benefit from a huge market that continues to grow and there are also various ways to further increase returns. In this blog you will learn about five tips to increase the profitability of your glamping tent!

Stardust family lodge, Vawidi Glamping Italy

1. Get to know your target group

You will obtain the best return on a glamping tent that meets the needs of your guests. Do you mainly welcome couples or families? Are your guests looking for relaxation or adventure? Every guest has different needs. Consider how you can appeal to your target group with your selection of glamping tents and services. If your guests are looking for a truly relaxing holiday, they will expect a more luxurious canvas lodge, such as the Stardust hotel suite. Holidaymakers who want to explore nature are often satisfied with a compact safari tent, like our Comet. The additional services you offer also depend on your target group. Couples like a breakfast in bed, while adventurers prefer a packed lunch to take with them on the road. By choosing accommodations, facilities and services that suit your guests, you can charge more for the stay and receive a higher return on your glamping tent.

YALA_Comet_return on glamping tent
Comet glamping tent

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2. Purchase glamping tents with a good ROI

If you know what kind of guests you are hosting, it is also easier to think of the right glamping tent for them. At YALA we aim for a return on investment and a payback period of 2 to 2.5 years for all our tents, based on a high season of 10 weeks. This assures you of a good investment. Holidaymakers look for accommodations that fits their needs. By adapting your glamping tents to the needs of your guests, you will attract more visitors and increase your return on investment. Read our blog about The Ridge Outdoor Resort.

Two. It took us two seasons to make all of our money back.

Jessica Hale, The Ridge Outdoor Resort – United States

3. Choose glamping tents with a long lifespan

A 2-year payback period is great, but by choosing glamping tents with a long lifespan, you can enjoy your investment for even longer. Choose high quality glamping tents with solid wooden frames, fireproof and mildew resistant canvas, and roofs to last up to 10 years. Read our tips on maintaining your canvas lodges to extend their lifespan even further and ensure they remain in excellent condition!

Sunshine_return on glamping tent

4. Extend the season

Earlier you read that the ROI calculation is based on a high season of 10 weeks. A simple way to increase the return on your glamping tent is to extend the season. Invest in the various heating options to offer your guests more comfort on colder days. For instance, think of an ambient pellet stove or our new effective infrared heating. Curious about the success of winter glamping? Read our business case about Buitenplaats Beekhuizen.

Winterglamping Buitenplaats Beekhuizen_return on glamping tent

5. Offer an experience

These days, experience is considered more important than the destination. By providing your glamping site with a unique experience, you will attract more guests and you can charge a higher price per night. At Holiday Park Molenwaard they have chosen for a central experience that resonates in every aspect of the park. Kolpa Resort has also been successful with their 100% natural glamping experience, aimed at relaxation and sustainability. Holidaymakers are looking for something unique. Glamping offers many possibilities through versatile tent structures and innovative options.

YALA_TerSpegelt_Netherlands_return on glamping tent

If you approach it cleverly, glamping guarantees a good return. By anticipating the needs of your guests and choosing safari tents with a long lifespan, you will optimise the return on investment of your glamping tents. We are committed to provide you with expert and personal advice at YALA. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about the possibilities for you!

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