Elevate your vineyard experience with glamping

Wineries are looking for ways to open up their vineyard to visitors. Through glamping, your vineyard provides versatile solutions that will make your wine estate a must-visit. Whether you want to host tastings, dinners or weddings, luxurious tent structures allow you to host an array of events. Guests can even stay overnight in the glamping tents or canvas lodges. This so-called ‘vineyard glamping’ is popular because it offers guests a unique experience. Find out more about innovative glamping solutions that will increase your revenue and help put your winery on the map!

Tell me about the benefits of glamping

Luxury safari tent - vineyard

Ways in which glamping benefits your wine estate

Your business benefits from glamping in a number of ways. It allows you to invite more guests to your wine estate and diversify your revenue streams. For instance, think of additional revenue from weddings, events and overnight stays, as well as increased interest in your unique wines.

Glamping as venue for weddings and events

Did you know that canvas structures could be used as event venues? Our Aurora Venue offers the most amazing experiences for wine lovers or wedding parties. You can fully customise this structure to suit your needs. This structure functions perfectly as a restaurant, tasting centre and event venue. It is designed to be versatile, allowing you to host any event on your estate!

Villa la Diva - Glamping Italy


Through glamping, wine estates could benefit from three additional revenue streams; hosting events, overnight stays and increased wine sales.


I want to grow my wine estate with glamping

Glamping tents make overnight stays possible

After your wonderful events, your guests would love nothing more than to spend the night and wake up to the magnificent view of your vineyard. Exclusive glamping tents offer luxury accommodation, allowing you to charge premium prices. For example, if you charge 100 euros per night and rent the tent out for 100 nights a year, you will earn back your investment of €20,000 within 2 years.

Our versatile Sunshine glamping tent and luxurious Stardust hotel suite are the perfect examples. Both provide your guests with the ultimate holiday experience, featuring spacious rooms, luxurious bathrooms and large verandas with breath-taking views. Or, browse through our extensive range of glamping tents to find the canvas lodge that best suits your location.

Guests become ambassadors

Guests love getting to know you and your wines through tours and tastings. When they learn more about your product and can try different options, they will most likely want to take a few boxes or bottles home with them. In the best-case scenario, your divine wines and impeccable hospitality will make them loyal ambassadors. Not only will they become repeat visitors, but they will also recommend your product and estate to friends and family.


Find the best glamping solutions

At YALA luxury canvas lodges, we pride ourselves in delivering proven high quality glamping solutions around the world. Our in-house developed designs offer flexibility to customise the lodges to suit your needs and preferences. For all designs, we guarantee to use only the best available materials. Therefore, our canvas lodges have a minimum lifespan of 8 to 10 years with little maintenance required. Clever heating solutions like infrared heating make our glamping tents suitable for year-round stays. We also offer modular systems and distinctive interior styles that give your lodges a unique look and layout. Our experienced sales managers help you choose the options that best suit your needs and location.

We take care of everything, from ordering to construction, so you can focus on creating beautiful wines and making your guests feel welcome.

If you would like to know more about the best glamping solutions for your wine estate, then please contact us for a personal consultation.

Yes, I want to grow my business with glamping!

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