How to create a holiday experience

Consumers are increasingly choosing to spend their money on memorable experiences rather than on material possessions. But how do you create the perfect experience for your guests? Here are some tips.

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What do we mean by experience?

Consumers are searching for something meaningful, an experience they will remember for years to come and which may even change them. For example, 60% of Dutch consumers, value experiences, such as holidays, more than buying material things, according to research from the Dutch media organisation NRIT. This trend applies to travellers from other countries too.

Creating a memorable experience for your guests

Your location and our glamping tents are just the start. Tourism is now all about creating memorable experiences. Make it a holiday your guests will never forget by offering a tour of your vineyard, a workshop on how your wine is produced and cookery classes where local dishes are matched with your wines.

Be aware of the latest trends

So, how do you go about creating a great experience for your guests? You need to understand what consumers want and the latest trends and developments out there, from ecotourism to wellness and yoga retreats. One of our customers, Glamping Dune, is a great example. It has created a unique experience for its guests with glamping tents set within an agriturismo site in Italy. Guests get close to nature and get a real taste of Italian culture.

Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is also booming. Consumers want to be close to nature, but leave behind the lowest possible carbon footprint – think about attracting local guests who may want a staycation and who want to avoid travelling too far. Think about engaging with the local community and other small businesses – could you offer cooking classes or an art session with a local expert, for example?

Glamping is also an ongoing trend. Tourists are looking for peace, luxury and unique accommodation. A night in a safari tent with bathroom, bell tent or treehouse, is an experience all its own.

Organise excursions or activities

As well as relaxing in a beautiful safari tent in a wonderful location away from everyday life, guests like to have something laid on for them to take the hassle out of their holiday. As well as a cooking evening why not lay on a scavenger hunt for families with children or an excursion to a local beauty spot or attraction?

Is there something you organise to give your guests a perfect holiday experience? We would love to hear your stories. Would you like to receive more information about our safari tents and glamping lodges our safari tents and glamping lodges? Please contact us.

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