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Do you want to increase the turnover of your campsite or holiday park? Buying glamping tents is the way to go! A growing number of campsite owners are looking for ‘glamping tents for sale’, and why shouldn’t they? It is a great investment with an excellent return. Holidaymakers are looking for luxury accommodation close to nature. Glamping tents offer just that, making campsites that offer glamping accommodation more appealing to guests. At YALA luxury canvas lodges, you will find an extensive range of glamping tents for sale. Our lodges are durable and require little maintenance to ensure a good return on investment.

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YALA dreamer glamping tent for sale
Our versatile Dreamer glamping tent

Reliable quality glamping tents

Boasting more than 11 years of experience as pioneers in the glamping industry, the YALA sales team provides reliable advice, tailored to your situation. In consultation with you, our advisors will determine which glamping tent is the best buy for your campsite, glamping or holiday park. Do you accommodate couples, families or groups of friends? Why do guests choose your accommodation? Based on these questions, you will purchase the glamping tent that meets the needs of your guests. And it doesn’t stop there. We will continue to support and advise you long after you have purchased your tent. This ensures that you benefit from your partnership with YALA luxury tent lodges, now and in the future.



YALA Stardust glamping tent
Stardust creates the ultimate outdoor experience

Tent with interior for sale

Do you want to provide your guests with the ultimate glamping experience? Then buy your glamping tent including interior. YALA luxury canvas lodges offers different distinctive interior styles to match our glamping tents and your requirements. Offer your guests a fully furnished accommodation featuring one of our interior styles. From sturdy and robust to chic and timeless, these interior styles for luxuriously furnished glamping tents have it all.

Get inspired by our glamping tents with varying interiors.


YALA furnished glamping tent
Our Raw interior style

Why opt for glamping tents?

Guests crave freedom and luxury. Our safari tents are often equipped with a private bathroom to provide guests with the luxury they desire. Choose a glamping tent with a kitchen for extra comfort. Let your guests cook their favourite meals without any hassle. To guarantee a cosy and comfortable accommodation all year round, you can heat our glamping tents with a wood pellet stove. Glamping is camping on a higher level. Still close to nature and the experience of a lovely getaway, but with all the luxuries and conveniences of home.

You will find the best glamping tents for sale at YALA luxury canvas lodges.


Our timeless Lush interior

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