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Spacious safari tent with a view. Veranda and bedroom upstairs. Downstairs, you have a choice between a kitchen or a bathroom.

  • The Shimmer offers a lot of space on a small footprint due to the extra floor
  • Various efficient layouts possible
  • Spacious, yet compact – ideal for sites with smaller spaces
  • Guests can make the most of your fantastic views from the upper floor

A room with a view

Looking for a compact but spacious tent with a view for just that little bit of extra comfort? Look no further! Our Shimmer glamping tent is ideal for people who don’t normally “do” camping – and also for those that do.

The Shimmer has two floors, which means you can provide your guests a spacious living area. There is a kitchen and dining table on the ground floor, or the space can be configured as a compact kitchen or a bathroom. On the first floor, you will find a separate bedroom with a spacious veranda, where your guests can relax and simply enjoy the view.

It is perfect for couples looking for a romantic break and wanting to get close to nature, but it is also an excellent choice for walkers and cyclists who need a practical yet comfortable base.

Enjoy the comfort of a Shimmer on wind-sheltered locations (recommended up to 6 Beaufort).

  • Units
  • Inner tent ground floor: 7.5 m²
  • Veranda ground floor: 15 m²
  • Inner tent first floor: 7.5 m²
  • Veranda first floor: 7.5 m²
  • Total surface: 30 m²
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathroom: optional
  • Kitchen: yes
More information
  • Inner tent ground floor: 80.7 ft²
  • Veranda ground floor: 166.8 ft²
  • Inner tent first floor: 80.7 ft²
  • Veranda first floor: 80.7 ft²
  • Total surface: 322.9 ft²
  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bathroom: optional
  • Kitchen: yes
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