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Glamping is taking flight in Asia. The luxury camping, or glamping, trend has been around for a while but it’s gaining more momentum as we speak. It offers stylish camping experiences in a luxurious glamping tent. In Thailand and Cambodia, you can already find luxury camping resorts and in Vietnam, we are seeing the first traces of glamping. We spoke with Dang Huynh, our experienced dealer in Vietnam, about this growing market. Read more about glamping and high-quality glamping tents and find out how to benefit from this popular way of holiday-making!

Glamping in Asia YALA Sparkle at Kim Ngan Hill

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Glamping trend in Asia

Luxury camping is not completely new in Asia, but some countries are only just discovering the potential. Dang explains: “From here in Vietnam, if we look at our neighbouring countries like Cambodia and Thailand, you’ll find various glamping resorts. One of the most famous ones in Thailand dates back as far as 2011 and in Cambodia, it was 2018. Yet, in Vietnam, it still serves a niche market. When booking a holiday, people still think about conventional hotel and resort accommodation even though a stay in a glamping tent offers equal luxury with additional freedom. It’s a unique concept and we see that the idea of stylish luxury camping gains popularity – we notice a massive increase in engagement on our social media of people that want to experience glamping.”


The perks of luxury camping

  • Being closer to nature,
    experiencing the outdoor
    life to the fullest
  • Private getaway with all
    the luxuries from home
  • Unique luxurious glamping tents
    take holidays to the next level

Glamping in humid climates

Weather conditions are often a challenge when it comes to luxury camping in Asia. With warm days and cold nights, it can be difficult to create an agreeable climate in canvas lodges. YALA’s high-quality glamping tents are designed to battle these issues. The certified canvas and roof materials combine advanced technologies to be both fire-retardant and mould-resistant for enjoyable stays. YALA glamping tents with wooden frames are sturdy, durable and weather-resistant. For even more comfortable stays, the tents can be equipped with clever heating solutions like infrared heating and air-conditioning.


  • High-quality materials suitable
    for humid climates
  • Equip YALA canvas lodges with
    air-conditioning and heating
  • Long lifespan of 8 to 12 years in
    pristine condition with little maintenance

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Why glamping?

Although glamping is still a developing trend in some countries, the popularity is evident. Dang elaborates: “We see at this point that stylish glamping gains interest in Asia. People are exploring the option and it’s now a race for the market. People are jumping on the train now because luxury camping is predicted to be booming in 1 or 2 years. The first-mover’s advantage can be huge!”

Luxury camping offers a new and unique experience that competes with hotels and resorts. Glamping delivers comparable comfort but adds the sense of freedom that guests will not find anywhere else. At YALA luxury canvas lodges, we deliver glamping solutions that promise unforgettable experiences. Our extraordinary canvas lodges offer quality and luxury and allow you to adjust the design according to your wishes. Choose the layout that fits your guests’ wishes and make it complete with our matching interior styles.


View from Dalat glamping resort in Asia

Invest in luxury camping

High-end luxury camping is taking over the leisure market. Guests are eager to experience this type of luxurious accommodation in incredible locations. Offer your guests unforgettable stays with incredible views and surround them with beautiful landscaping. Dang also sees that glamping tents trigger people. “We see it on our social media, good photos of glamping tents easily get thousands of likes. People are excited and want to experience it themselves.”

Now is the time to jump on board and buy glamping tents. Without compromising on luxury, developing a glamping resort is cheaper than building a traditional hotel or resort. Not only when it comes to building costs, but also in the timeline. YALA luxury canvas lodges assists you with the entire process from start to final construction and offers support long after your project is finished.


It’s a unique concept and we see
that the idea of stylish luxury
camping gains popularity

Dang Huynh, YALA Dealer – Vietnam


Buying glamping tents requires a relatively low investment and delivers high return on investment. Depending on the canvas lodge, you can ask for average daily rates comparable to the prices of hotel rooms and suites. This combined with a lower investment results in an optimal payback period of two seasons.

Our experienced sales team is happy to tell you more about the costs and gains of glamping in Asia. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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