5 reasons why to invest in glamping tents

Nowadays, the term glamping needs no explanation. Glamping or luxury camping offers unique experiences with versatile accommodation in unexpected locations. The skyrocketing popularity of this type of holiday, makes glamping tents a sound investment. How is it that safari tents provide such a solid return on investment? We have listed the 5 most fundamental reasons.

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1. Glamping is more popular than ever

Glamping originated in South Africa and has since conquered the world. Especially in Europe, glamping is a raging success, although all over the world more and more holidaymakers are enjoying luxury close to nature. It seems that this growth in popularity is unlikely to end any time soon. Economists and trend forecasters even expect continued success and a market value of $5.41 billion by 2028. Investing in glamping tents allows you to take advantage of this huge market with great potential.

YALA Sparkle at Hluluwe Bushcamp in Africa

2. Versatile accommodation suitable for every guest

Glamping tents come in many shapes and sizes, ensuring a comfortable stay for every guest. Ideal for families, groups of friends, couples, hikers and cyclists – everyone will enjoy a relaxing stay in a safari tent. To create the perfect glamping tent for your target group, we offer our most popular glamping lodges in multiple sizes and layouts. Discover our compact Comet, traditional Sunshine, versatile Dreamer or luxurious Stardust.

YALA Dreamer glamping tent investment

3. A unique experience

Glamping has captured the hearts of holidaymakers because it delivers an extraordinary experience. A stay under the stars with all the comforts of home, that is the promise of canvas lodges. Safari tents provide guests with luxury, privacy and space, in close proximity to nature. This results in a totally different experience compared to traditional camping or a stay in a hotel. Glamping can also enhance the experience and is not only perfect for campsites but also for resorts, wine estates and water sports centres for example.

YALA Supernova glamping tent at De Parel | investing in glamping tents
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4. Maximum return on investment

An important part of investing in glamping tents is to understand the costs, payback period and the return on investment. To keep it simple, we at YALA, offer a 2-to-2.5-year payback period on all our canvas lodges. For example, our Comet 20 costs approximately € 15,000, which you can rent out for 700 to 800 euros per week. Based on a high season of 10 weeks, the payback period is about 2 years. Our Sunshine 49 demonstrates a similar calculation: with a cost of € 29,000 and a rental price of 1,100 to 1,200 euros per week, you will earn back your investment within 2.5 years given the same 10-week season. Moreover, YALA lodges have a proven lifespan of 8 to 10 years with minimal maintenance, allowing you to make the most of your investment.

YALA Comet safari tent investment

5. Greener than other types of accommodation

The ever-increasing popularity of glamping is partly due to another trend: sustainable travel. Staycations are in demand and holidaymakers seek greener accommodations. Investing in glamping tents can help you attract holidaymakers looking for an unforgettable experience, closer to home. In addition, canvas glamping lodges are a more environmentally friendly alternative compared to hotels, condos or bungalows. The canvas glamping lodges can be built and removed without damaging or disturbing the environment. Are you ambitious and aiming to create a zero-footprint glamping site? We would love to help you with innovative concept development designs or personal advice to help make your glamping site greener.

Investing in glamping tents YALA | Kolpa resort

These 5 reasons prove that investing in glamping tents is the right move. Would you like to know more about our safari tents or do you need more convincing? Please contact us now, we are happy to help you!

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