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Prepare your campsite for the future with YALA luxury canvas lodges

Do you want to take your campsite to the next level? Buy a glamping tent to give your guests more than just the standard camping experience at your campsite. You’ll deliver all the luxury and comfort from home, but with the charm of camping on your unique site. Read along and discover what our glamping tents have to offer, from happy guests to high occupancy and an optimal return on investment.

I want to take my campsite to the next level!

Our classic Sunshine safari tent

What is glamping?

First things first: what is glamping? Glamping is a combination of the words glamorous and camping, so camping in luxury. Guests increasingly expect luxurious facilities close to nature. And that’s where glamping comes in. Guests get to stay in a glamping tent or safari tent with a private bathroom and a kitchen. With glamping tents, you offer your guests the luxury from home in the midst of nature. It combines the freeing experience of camping with comfortable accommodation for a relaxed holiday and a good night’s sleep. Give your guests the experience they desire, whether that’s a relaxing vacation, discovering the great outdoors or cooking up a storm. With glamping tents on your campsite, guests can have it all.

Buy YALA glamping tent with interior
Offer guests the ultimate stay with furnished safari tents

What can glamping tents do for campsites?

Glamping tents do not only cater to guests’ current wishes, they are also a solid investment. Glamping tents from YALA luxury canvas lodges offer great accommodation with a long lifespan and little maintenance. Besides that, glamping tents will attract a new audience, extend the season and provide unforgettable experiences. Add that up and you’ll have a solid investment with an optimal return.

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YALA Shimmer glamping tent
Shimmer: glamping with a view

Buy a glamping tent

When buying glamping tents for your campsite, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Glamping tents come in all shapes and sizes. Choose, for example, compact and robust for couples and hikers or go with grand and impressive for people that are looking for that five-star experience. Whatever the case: choose quality first. At YALA luxury canvas lodges we guarantee reliable quality, both in product and service.

Why to buy a glamping tent


  • YALA’s own fire retardant canvas and PVC that are fully mould resistant, for a safe accommodation with an incredible lifespan
  • Our fire retardant materials are the only ones currently on the market with European Grade 6 colour fastness (on a scale of 8)
  • All YALA glamping tents are subjected to a statistical test, so we can assure you that all of our tents can withstand wind gusts of up to force 10 on the Beaufort scale
  • High tearing and tensile strength of our canvas and PVC ensures a long lifespan with little maintenance
  • Experienced sales network across the globe: we help you choose the right glamping tent for your campsite and provide you with advice on local laws and regulations
  • Service and support, even long after your purchase

Do you want personal advice on what glamping can do for your business? Or do you want to know which glamping tent you should buy? Contact us! We’re happy to help.

Excited about the possibilities of glamping?

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